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100% Plant based tea

Shop our select range of caffeine-free, mineral-rich Herbal infusions. From firm favourites, such as calming Rosehip, to adventurous indulgences like our Wild Red Berry. There's a whole heap of feel-good in every cup. Everything we blend is all-natural, with zero synthetic additives. Whatever your mood or moment, there's a tea to enjoy. We also offer a selection of Premium Black Tea blends, such as Earl Grey and Cornish Morning Tea (aka Breakfast Tea).

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Wild Cornish Teas are the original plant power refreshment and are now available to you, nationwide. Our hand-picked, native herbs and botanitcals make delicate and soothing infusion Teas, to nourish your mind and body with every cup. Our Herbal Tea's are made with 100% natural ingredients, used for centuries for their health benefits. Wild Cornish Teas can help with digestion, reduce inflammation, improve mental clarity and focus, and even boost immunity. Each of our Herbal Tea blends captures the unique vibrancy of Cornwall's ancient rugged landscape.


We are a not a big corporate brand (and you’ll taste that in every brew!), so when your Wild Cornish Tea arrives, it will be unapologetically punchy, healthy and fuller-flavoured. An artisan product of quality with a distinctive, refreshing taste! Shop our delicious wellbeing Cornish Tea range below.

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