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Have you ever found yourself thinking about something genius and then forgetting about it in literally two seconds? Behold. Ginkgo, Ginger & Lemon Balm Tea! It's FOOD for the mind. It’ll help you remember, maybe.


This vibrant blend including Ginkgo leaf, Ginger and Lemon Balm is a real brain booster. Ginkgo, known for improving cognitive function by promoting good blood circulation in the brain, and protecting from neuronal damage. Combined with Ginger and Lemon Balm is a powerhouse herbal infusion tea, which can regulate moods and anxiety. With just a few sips, you'll get the feeling of sharpness, wellness and energy. This powerful, natural trio, offers maximum protection of brain cells, and is super high in antioxidants. Calming and soothing Lemon Balm will melt away any anxieties.


How does it taste? Steeped (or brewed) Gingko, Ginger and Lemon Balm Tea is a pale yellow color, with green undertones. The flavor is mellow, mild, sweet, faintly floral with a comforting lemony backnote. It's refreshing, rejuvenating and delicious!


Read our blog to find out how we harvest and make our small batch Ginkgo teas from UK grown Ginkgo.


Sold as 50g Loose Leaf and 25 Tea Bags in refill pouches

Ginkgo, Ginger & Lemon Balm - MINDFOOD TEA


Most orders are processed and posted within 2 to 3 days after picking and drying. During peak periods, it may take 3 to 5 working days, but we're working hard to get your items to you as quickly as possible. 

Sold in refill pouch, with durable resealable zip lock closure, with foil barrier protection against moisture, odours, and UV light.

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