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teas for health goals

Our hand-blended Teas have been developed for specific Health purposes. Using the power of natural and native plants, our products are here to support your health goals. With Tea remedies for sleep, gut health, joint health, detoxification, immunity, energy, women's health and skincare. Shop for your Health needs.

Our Sleep Teas are full of natural ingredients to help you sleep better, recover, & fully recuperate

Teas to alleviate pain & inflammation in muscles, & joints. Beneficial for those with arthritis or post-injury discomfort

Teas made with powerful herbs with natural cleansing properties, to leave you feeling revitalised, inside & out

Our Immunity Teas combines potent natural ingredients to soothe coughs, colds and flu & help prevent illness

 All-natural Tea products developed to support vitality, mood, & energy levels. Giving you get-up-& go

Teas to support hormonal balance, and all of the complex female processes that make you, you.

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