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Discover Wild Cornish Tea - Loose Leaf. It's like hitting shuffle on an unfamiliar playlist, rather than just listening to the same albums you always listen to. Delivering seriously good Loose Leaf vibes. A perfectly steeped cuppa for once, instead of making do with the 'usual' bland stuff again. Don’t suffer wack tea people. So why the Loose Leaf Tea Life? Loose Leaf is the perfect antidote to the topsy-turvy hustle-bustle modern world. Loose Leaf will let you enter more fully into what we’ve named “enjoyment mode.” Allowing yourself to experience and exult in a deeper and swaggier form of pleasure. Rather than simply smashing out a brew with a tea bag, like an undead-zombie in the morning. With an array of trendy brewing equipment available, including Infusers, Steepers, Chemex, Cold Brew Carafes, Hario V60 (you can use a V60 pour over, or even your Chemex to make some dam fine tea!) and traditional Kettles. You'll be making a revolutionary Loose Leaf brew and get satisfaction from looking cool. Embrace that mystery mindset of undiscovered Loose Leaf treasure. Stretch a bit outside your comfort zone, stay loose and try the varied and unique combinations of Loose Leaf Tea. Shop our range of Loose Leaf Herbal Teas and live that Loose Leaf Life!

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