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A full bodied flavourful traditional English Breakfast Tea. We've blended premium rich leaves from Kenya, Assam and chocolatey notes from Ceylon to create the perfect Breakfast Brew. Strong and robust, fit for a Cornish Miner. Great for Brunch or with a Full Cornish Breakfast (like a Full English but more Cornish!).


A Cornish Miner’s Tea was originally brewed out of Mugwort, quenching the thirst of hard working local Miners. Since Mugwort doesn’t go so well with our crumpets we’ve produced a refreshing pure Black Tea. Glowing golden in your cup (like a Miners lamp) which doesn’t hold back on flavour or aroma, with an impressive full body. What's not to like?


If a Full English isn’t your thing, try pairing this classic full bodied Black Tea with Avocado on Toast or Dippy Eggs. It’ll really cut through. 


Sold as Loose Leaf or Tea Bags in Refill Pouches or Tea Tins. Our stylish Tea Tins are for those who want to take their tea out of the cupboard and onto the worktop. For your favourite blends that you'll be dipping into every day. Also perfect for gifting!


Origin: India, Kenya and Sri Lanka
Ingredients: Black Tea
Type: Caffienated Black Tea

Cornish Miner’s Brew - English Breakfast Tea


Cornish Miners Brew is best steeped for 3 minutes, or longer if you prefer it stronger. Milk and two sugars please! 

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