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The simple answer is, YES!

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We are always asked...

Is your Tea grown in Cornwall?

Unlike other Tea companies we don't rely on Tea buyers travelling the world to bring back our Tea. *Most our Tea is locally grown in Cornwall. 


The first teapot of Wild Cornish Tea was grown and brewed up by us in Cornwall in 2012. Nettle Tea is the most famous Tisane that we grow and make, but look around on the tea shelves and you’ll find a whole host of fruit and herbal Tea grown, blended and packed by us in Cornwall. We are a Cornish Tea company making greener Tea,  grown in England. The ultimate Cornish-ness in a cup! 



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We want to create tea that is kind to nature

Unlike big Tea companies who dominate the Tea market and can use their power to suppress prices, Wild Cornish Tea is an ethical, fair trade Tea producer.

 As we grow our Tea's in the UK, rather than buy them from large Tea plantations, Wild Cornish Teas are free from chemical pesticides, additives, preservatives, and artificial flavourings.

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By growing and blending Teas within Cornwall we aim to reduce the environmental and climate impact of production. Significantly reducing the air miles travelled by the humble Tea leaf.


Also promoting plant biodiversity, and creating the freshest Tea possible. Wild Cornish Tea's are picked and dried to order in small batches, posted swiftly to retain freshness.

A cornish tea farm

Imagine, rolling green meadows bathed in warm sunlight, gentle sea breezes, and rows upon rows of delicate Nettles & Tea plants stretching towards the horizon. This isn't a scene from Darjeeling or Assam, but the reality of a unique Tea farm nestled in the UK, Cornwall, England. 


We're proud to be defying expectations and proving that Tea, the quintessential British beverage, could thrive in this unexpected corner of the world. 

But what makes Cornwall such a suitable home for tea?

The secret to producing our distinctive Tisanes, unlike any other, is our Cornish microclimate. Blessed with the warming influence of the Gulf Stream, creating a pocket of land with remarkably similar conditions to those of Darjeeling in India.


A Taste of Cornwall

From hand-picking the leaves to the delicate art of drying, you'll taste the landscape in every cup. Our classic Nettle blend is a smooth, full-bodied earthy Tea, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. For those seeking a unique twist, explore Cornish Afternoon Tea, a refreshing herbal infusion with Cornish Gorse. We also offer several Nettle-based wellbeing Teas. Health benefits of Nettle Tea's include Hay fever relief, skin cleansing, body detoxifying and immunity boosting. Teas in the wellbeing range include various combinations of natures herbal powerhouses;  Nettle and Dandelion, Nettle and Fennel, Nettle and Rosehip

A Cup of Cornish Magic

So, next time you reach for a cup of tea, consider venturing beyond the traditional origins and explore the unique flavours of Wild Cornish Tea, tea grown right here in the UK. Our Field to Cup strategy aims reduce the environmental and climate impact of production, significantly reducing the air miles travelled by the humble Tea leaf. 

*Some of our blends include exotic herbs that cannot be grown in Cornwall. These herbs are sustainably sourced from native habitats, from small batch growers who support our commitment to minimise our impact on the planet and make tea good. 

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