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Nettle & Dandelion Tea - a gentle brew for body cleanse and radiance. This a blend that is guaranteed to make you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

The finest Dandelion comes from our wild Cornish meadow. We grow and harvest the most mineral rich Dandelion and Nettle, blending them into a Super Antioxidant Tea, in small batches from sunny St Agnes, in Cornwall.


What does Dandelion do?

Dandelion has excellent diuretic properties, and great detoxifying benefits to the liver. Offering great support to the kidneys, loaded with lots of essential nutrients and vitamins to give you a boost. Believed to help with everything from helping detox the body to reducing bloat, and even lending a helping hand when it comes to UTI’s. It is also said to help with eye sight. Being a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidants found in the back of our eyes, compounds that protect against age-related degeneration.

There are so many awesome benefits of brewing up a cup of Nettle & Dandelion Tea. And that's just the Dandelion.


The Stinging Nettle plant has astonishing health properties of its own. Mineral-rich, packed with vitamins A, C. and K, as well as several B vitamins.


Grown in Cornwall

100% Natural


Free from added sugar

Zero synthetic additives


How does it taste?

This sunny bright refreshing Tea is great independently, or you can add lemon or honey to enhance it's flavor profile and boost the benefits. A naturally caffeine free, liver detoxing tea. You won’t find it fresher.


Sold in Tea Bags and as Loose Leaf (50g refill pouch)

Nettle & Dandelion Tea - CLEANSE


Simply decant one level teaspoon measure of your loose leaf tea, add your water, brew for 3 - 5 minutes, before straining and you're ready to go! You could even pop it in a tea bag if you aren’t about the loose leaf life. Either way, you’ll be treating yourself to a perfect steeped cuppa for once, instead of making do with the 'usual' stuff.

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