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nettle tea


100% Organic Nettle Plant Tea

Our Nettle Tea, made from the finest handpicked Cornish Nettle leaves from the Nettle plant, Urtica dioica. Stinging Nettle, or Nettle leaf is thought by many to be the best herbal infusion for health and wellness. A deeply nourishing, mineral-rich invigorating herb. Infused it makes a refreshing drink, brewed it has an earthy and sweet taste, with a slight zing, perfect for any time of day.


Nettle Tea has been shown to have a HUGE range of wellness benefits. Helping with health issues, including allergies, inflammation, and digestion problems, making it an essential part of any healthy lifestyle.


Stinging Nettle has some pretty amazing benefits for your hair and skin, too.


Why Wild Cornish Nettle Tea? Despite Nettle growing abundantly in the UK, most Nettle plants aren’t harvested in England. You’ll find the majority of UK sellers importing them in from outside the UK, usually being packed and shipped from Egypt or Europe. Our Nettles are grown, picked and packed in Cornwall, when they are at their freshest.

Rain or shine we're out with our Nettle clippers, clipping Nettles for our magical Tea blends.


REJOICE! Our Cornish Nettle Tea is here, and it promises to release seriously good vibes only! Our mild and pure Cornish climate means our Wild Nettle Tea is bursting with chlorophylls, flavour and health-giving properties. Refreshing, caffeine free, our Nettle plants are dried and packed without the use of pesticides or preservatives, usually to order. Nettle Tea is the original remineralising Plant Powered refreshment. Nettle has an earthy sweet taste, much like spinach but a bit punchier, with a natual ziiiing! Buy Nettle Tea as a Loose Leaf Tea or in Tea Bags. Our Stinging Nettle Tea Bags are probably the most natural on the market. Kept whole, unrefined (like major brands) for maximum flavour and freshness.

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