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The Best Drink to Warm Yourself Up after a Wild Swim

Sea Swimming and a steaming enamel tea mug go together like fish and chips! Here's why we think drinking Herbal Tea is the perfect post-swim warm-up ritual.

The visceral exhilaration of plunging into icy water, the crisp bite of morning air, and the satisfying ache of the muscles. We love the affects of a cold water swim, it's always an experience that pushes our boundaries and invigorates our souls. But how do you warm up after? The answer, my friends, lies in a steaming mug of hot herbal Tea.

The ritual of a herbal Tea post-swim
The ritual of a hot herbal Tea post-swim

More than just a warm hug in a cup, the post-swim ritual of Tea is a symphony of senses and benefits. Let's dive in (metaphorically, of course, after getting out of the actual water!):

Wild Tea, Wild Swimming, Wild Adventures
Wild Tea, Wild Swimming, Wild Adventures

The top 5 benefits of warm Herbal Tea after a cold swim

1. The Comforting Warmth of Tea in a Mug:

The first sip of a warm tea is a revelation after getting out of the sea, or a river. As the heat washes over your core, the shivers start to subside, replaced by a gentle GLOW. It's a physical reminder that you've conquered the cold water, a reward for your bravery.

2. The Soothing Scents of an Infusion Tea in Nature:

The aromatic steam released by your chosen herbal blend is pure magic. Peppermint invigorates, the subtle heat from ginger warms, chamomile calms – each herb offering a unique experience to enhance your mood. We love Wild Red Berry, with a hint of sweetness for an energy boost, and those all important immunity benefits. Our Nettle, Lemon & Ginger - GLOW has been developed specifically as a post-swim brew. Ginger is a great tea for supporting healthy blood circulation, and improving tissue oxygenation. We sell it in tea bags for maximum ease, if you only have a flask to hand on the shoreline. The fragrant steam and warming spices rise up, and you can feel the glow as it goes down, it's gorgeous!

3. The Rehydrating Power of Decafe Herbal Tea:

Cold water exposure can be surprisingly dehydrating. Herbal tea, with its natural electrolytes helps to replenishes lost fluids, and helps your body recover more efficiently. We're caffeine free all the way!

4. The Ritualistic Joy of Tea on the Move: 

Make it a ceremony! Brew your Tea in a beautiful pot, savour the scent as you pour, and find a rock to dry out on. Or if you're feeling lazy, brew your herbal Tea at home and take it with you. Make sure to transport it in a leakproof, thermal flask. We love the Black + Blum Explorer. what about a drinking vessel for your Tea? We love enamel mugs, they are unbreakable, light weight, and come in an array of jolly designs and colours, to brighten up a cold day. Enamel Happy have a brilliant online collection of mugs suitable for an outdoor setting.

Consider adding natural sweeteners like honey or lemon for an extra sugar boost if you’re feeling tired. 

5. Herbal Tea to Aid Post-swim Recovery

A good herbal Tea can add to the transcendental experience. If you're looking for muscle recovery try Ginger Tea, or Turmeric, willow bark have anti-inflammatory properties that can ease muscle soreness. To further boost your immune system try Echinacea and Elderberry, both are known for their immune-supportive properties, perfect for warding off post-swim colds and chills.

flask and enamel mugs full of herbal tea
An insulated, leakproof flask filled with Tea

Tea is our moment of self-care, and has become an integral part of our cold water swimming experience. The simple act of a warm drink can really elevate your post-swim experience, offering warmth, comfort, and a wealth of health benefits.

Now go forth, conquer the wild cold water, and reward yourself with a cup of pure, herbal bliss!

WiId Swimming at Grebe Beach, Cornwall
WiId Swimming at Grebe Beach, known for its clear waters, golden sand, & picturesque surroundings


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