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A VERY simple guide to brewing Loose Leaf Tea

The internet is full of overly complicated ways to brew a cup of loose leaf tea, and it can seem, well, daunting. The reality is brewing a cup of loose leaf is easier than using tea bags, and there's less waste, with more flavour! So here's our very simple guide to make the most of your loose leaf tea.

Kettle pouring hot water over Wild Cornish Tea
A simple guide to brewing Loose Leaf Tea

1. How much Tea?

This depends on how you like your tea but a good rule of thumb is a heaped teaspoon of tea and one teacup of water per person. The 1 to1 ratio rule.

2. Water?

Generally, for good loose leaf tea the water should be just below boiling. Tea made with water at 100°C will be more astringent and less sweet. So boil your kettle, let it sit a minute while you find your favourite cup. We're loving these stylish 70's ceramic tea mugs at the moment. Or, stop the kettle just before it reaches the rolling boil.

3. Infusing?

All balls! For tea for one we find the quickest method is using a ball strainer. Essentially it does the job of a tea bag, without the waste. However, don't over fill it as our teas need room to expand. For tea for your whole crew it is much more effective to use a tea pot and a strainer. Or a coffee cafetière can do the same job.

4. Brewing and Steeping?

Pour the heated water over the leaves or ball strainer and let it steep for the required amount of time. If it tastes bitter then you've left it too long. 3 minutes is usually good, but it's entirely a matter of taste, so please have fun experimenting.

5. Milk?

Wild Cornish Tea's are so delicate and natural that you won't need to milk. We recommend that you try the teas without milk but it's entirely a matter of taste. We sometimes add honey for a treat.

And that's a VERY simple guide to brewing loose leaf tea. Shop our amazing Wild Cornish Tea infusions here

Ball Strainer with Wild Cornish Tea - Loose Leaf
Ball Strainer for Wild Cornish Tea - Loose Leaf

Wild Cornish Tea
Wild Cornish Tea


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