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Feeling wild? Make the switch to Loose Leaf Tea, you won't regret it.

It is in fact a THING. Loose Leaf is better for the planet, better for your pocket, better for your health, and better for flavour. Even the worst tea maker (I just kind of eyeballed the measure) will still make a more flavoursome cup of Tea with loose leaf.

picking gorse for wild loose lead tea in cornwall
Loose leaf gives you flexibility to experiment with natural plants

The UK is a nation of Tea drinkers, but a huge proportion of all the tea drunk is almost all from tea bags. Which is crazy as loose leaf Tea tastes fresher, stronger, is better for your purse, health and for the planet. So why should you switch?

  • Flavour: Loose Leaf is generally considered to have richer, more complex flavours due to the use of whole or larger tea leaves, allowing for better infusion and extraction of flavour.

  • Quality: Often higher quality Tea leaves are used, leading to a more enjoyable drinking experience.

  • Variety: A wider selection of Teas are available in the Loose category, including rare and unique varieties, not found in Tea bags. For example, you can be creative and forage for your own loose tea mixture. Your brew can be as ever changing as nature.

  • Customisation: With Loose you have more control over brewing strength, temperature, and steeping time for a unique Tea experience, suited to your tastes.

  • Multiple steeps: Some loose leaf Teas can be steeped multiple times, offering more value for money. Generally you can buy bigger volumes which also keeps the cost down. Combined with a lower production method, it's often cheaper to buy Loose Leaf.

  • Sustainability: Loose Leaf is often packaged with less waste compared to individually wrapped tea bags. Tea bags have 10 times the carbon footprint of loose leaf Tea and are only 70% biodegradable!

If you need some tips on getting the most from you Loose Leaf Brew, check our no bull guide to making a cup of herbal tea with loose leaf

I was feeling wild this morning and brewed a loose leaf Fennel Tea and threw in some Cardamon seeds, and wow it was good!

A couple pinches of Wild Berry Tea, no need to be exact
A couple pinches of Wild Red Berry Tea, no need to be exact


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