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The simplicity of Tea-Based Cocktails - Cornish Earl Grey Sour Recipe

This Earl Grey Sour is a delightful twist on the classic sour formula, featuring the delicate citrus and floral notes of Earl Grey Tea. Shaken with gin, lemon juice, and a touch of sweetness, it's a refreshing and elegant drink – with a boozy twist!

Earl Grey Cocktail - Earl Sour
Earl Grey Tea Cocktail - Earl Sour

As I write this blog post, it’s Friday and you may be gearing up for the weekend. We're in the throes of picking our early spring herbs and botanicals. There's nothing like a cocktail to ring in the weekend after a long day of picking. Our reward for getting through another wet week on the Cornish peninsular, in what feels like wettest winter ever!

So to celebrate our recent launch of our Earl Grey Black Tea Blend (Loose Leaf and Tea Bags), we're marking the occasion with a zesty Earl Grey-infused cocktail. Firstly a thanks to Olly Smith and the Home Cocktail Bible, where I stumbled across the Earl Grey Sour recipe. We're big fans of adding Teas to Cocktails and Mocktails, especially at this time of the year when you need a boost. The addition of lemon and bergamot (in the Earl blend) can increase mineral and vitamin density when needed most.

With this delicious ensemble the berganot flavour of the Earl Grey tea really adds a freshness, and pairs beautifully with the notes of citrus and refreshing juniper in a Dry Gin (we're using Tarquins - Cornish Dry Gin, but a London Gin would work equally as well). When we combined with lemon juice and an egg (optional), this cocktail really delivers. It's easy to drink too, with a glorious velvety texture, and tastes like the best cold brew you’ve ever tried.

The thing that makes this recipe so great is that you don't need to be the best mixologist, and no clever techniques are required. It takes 3 minutes to get the ingredients together and you can make the Gin and Earl Grey tea infusion ahead of time. The high alcohol content means it'll keep in the fridge for a few weeks.


  • 300ml Lemon juice

  • 1 cup of Simple Syrup (Simple syrup is a liquid sweetener made by dissolving sugar in water 50/50. That's literally it.)

  • 1 Egg white (optional)

Earl Grey-Infused London (or Tarquins) Dry Gin

How to make an Earl Grey Sour - Steps:

  • Simply brew a 1 Earl Grey tea bag in a mug of Gin (yes, I wrote Gin!), let it infuse for an hour.

  • Remove the tea bag after an hour so it doesn't go astringent (acidic or bitter).

  • Combine all of the ingredients in to a ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake. Shake. Shake. Strain into a cocktail glass. Tip: If you don't have a fancy shaker you can pour it in a jug and stir it HARD.

  • Serve with a slice of lemon, orange or lime. The egg is optional, if you don't like egg this cocktail is equally as delicious without it. In fact, without the egg it's a refreshing high summer cocktail for the garden. An afternoon tea party – with a boozy twist!


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