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Blooming with Flavour, Elderflower's Moment in the Sun

Elderflower, with its delicate fragrance and subtle sweetness, is basking in the limelight right now. We love it, and this isn't just a trend; it's a natural evolution driven by the desire for locally sourced, delicious ingredients with potential health benefits. Elderflower hits just right. And we’ve got a meadow full it! Ready to blend into delicious botanical infusions!

Meadow of Elderflower
Meadow of elderflower - sourced domestically

Cornish Wild Elderflower for Herbal Infusions
Cornish Wild Elderflower - grown for elderflower Herbal Infusions

So, what does it taste like?

The wild, versatile flower, boasts a sophisticated flavour profile, weaving together floral notes with hints of pear, lychee, and tropical nuances. It’s great with lemon, or honey, or even lime. Paired with Nettle it is a superfood powerhouse, and its appeal extends beyond the palate. Elderflower has a rich history of medicinal use dating back to Roman times, with documented benefits for sinus issues, colds, flu, cough, and laryngitis.

How do we harvest our elderflowers?

Once picked and washed, the harvested elderflower blooms are dehydrated at 50 degrees for 17 hours. Producing cute delicate, golden flowers. If the blossoms rustle when they are moved, it means they are fully dried, and can be blended for teas. We combine the dried elderflowers to various other natural ingredients to make bold, high-quality, and flavourful brews.

Elderflower after dehydrating
Elderflower after dehydrating

Superfood Status (deservedly):

Whether it's a rediscovery or a well-deserved resurgence, elderflower's place in the tea spotlight is undeniable. Its unique flavour and potential health benefits make it a delightful addition to any wellness routine. 

New blends? Yes.

We’ve got new season Elderflower Tea blends which are light and refreshing, perfect for summer sipping, or for warding off seasonal allergies, Hay fever and colds. The possibilities are virtually endless where elderflower is concerned. It’s a flavourful free spirit, waiting to be blended into cocktails, infused into teas, or danced into cold brews. Get ready to be swept away by elderflower's delicate sweetness!

Elderflowers in June


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