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Mix and match any two of our delicious wellbeing Herbal Teas and we’ll add them to a beautiful gift box. Tastefully presented with a decadent Berisfords velvet ribbon.


Your customised box of infusion teas will provide an exciting journey for tea lovers. With natural speciality leaves, and botanicals, perfectly grown and developed for an unforgettable taste, with health benefits.


Brew guides are enclosed for each type of tea, allowing you to make the perfect cup every time. Enjoy a new and exciting tea experience!


This is an imaginative natural tea gift, a treat for a Cornish Tea lover, and a perfect present for all occasions. Your recipient will love these liquid delights.


You can even add a personalised gift message to your tea gift box to make it even more special when opened.


Customise your gift by choosing any of the two tea favourites from below:


  • Nettle, Lemon & Ginger - GLOW (25 Tea Bags)
  • Nettle - PURE (25 Tea Bags)
  • Nettle, Chamomile - SETTLE & SOOTHE (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Nettle & Dandelion - CLEANSE (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Wild Red Berry - IMMUNITY (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Afternoon Tea - UPLIFT (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Nettle & Fennel - Deep Sleep (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Nettle & Rosehip - CALM (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Cornish Nettle Tea - REVITALISE (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Nettle & Lemon Balm - COMFORT (50g Loose Leaf)
  • Nettle & Mint - REFRESH (50g Loose Leaf)


50g Loose Leaf = approx 25/30 cups



Build Your Own Tea Gift Box

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